LAHORE - Ahmed Baig, the celebrated and brilliant one of the Pakistan golf scene, was formally awarded ‘professional golfers card’ by Pakistan Golf Federation (PGF) President Lt Gen(r) Hilal Hussain.

The award was presented at a ceremony at Skyview Golf Club, said PGF spokesman here on Tuesday. Award of the professional golf card is a huge honor for this golfer of talent and ability and will enable him to participate in open golf tournaments in Pakistan and overseas.

As a result of this award that was earned by him through accomplishments as an amateur golfer, which included winning the Bangladesh National Golf title recently, Ahmed Baig traveled to Dubai Tuesday to join the famous and prestigious Butch Harmon School of Golf, where he will undergo five days exclusive training and practice at various golf courses before launching himself in the qualification phase of the MENA Golf Tour which commences golfing activity at the Ayla Golf Club, Aqaba, Jordan from January 30,2019, he said.

Incidentally, this institution is widely regarded as the best golf coaching place in the world. Its philosophy is based on helping entrants to understand their own unique game and readily available to talented players is state of the art computer and video equipment to analyze every aspect of the golfers swing. “This training academy has worked with successful players like Phil Mickelson, Fred Couples, Tiger Woods, Greg Norman, Adam Scott and Ernie Els,” said the spokesman.

Lt Gen(r) Hilal advised Ahmed to bring more laurels for Pakistan through excellence in golf tournaments overseas and within the country. As an amateur golfer, he had already accomplished much and there was hardly any competition for him in the amateur competitions.

 The time was ripe for him to compete in professional golf events and once again prove that he is a golf champion of merit and possesses the skill and ability to match wits with the top golf professionals anywhere, he added.

Another golfer, who was honored on this occasion, was Ghulam Nabi, a former golf champion of the decades of eighties and nineties, who has the distinction of winning the Pakistan Open Title six times. Now that he will be playing and competing as a senior golf professional, he gets exemption from any qualification requirements and can participate in championships reserved for senior golf professionals. And Gen (r) Hilal aptly summed up the situation by saying that we are honoring the past (Ghulam Nabi) and the future (Ahmed Baig) through this act of recognition.

The ceremony at the Skyview Golf Club was attended by Mrs Asma Shami, Head of Ladies Golf in Pakistan, officials of Punjab Golf Association, Brig (r) Bajwa, coach and mentor of Ahmed Baig, secretary of Skyview Golf Club and professional golf players.