ISLAMABAD - The National Highway Authority (NHA) following a recent judgment passed by the Sindh High Court (SHC) has asked M/s Multinet Pakistan Private Limited to pay Rs.259.336 million, which are outstanding against it for the use of NHA’s Right of Way (ROW).

M/s Multinet is a telecom company providing connectivity solutions through its 12,000 km long self-healing and scalable optical fiber network covering over 120 cities of Pakistan while the company is using the national highways’ ROW across the country to lay down its network.

The NHA is charging Rs.30 per meter annually as a rent for the use of its land from such firms on certain terms and conditions but the said company was in conflict with the authority on the payment of said charges and a litigation was pending at different courts of Sindh province from last couple of year.

Now, the Sindh High Court in its order passed few days ago in the instant case had barred the NHA from taking any coercive action against M/s Multinet Pakistan Private Limited but at the same time the honourable SHC directed the private firm to deposit fifty percent of its total outstanding dues as claimed by NHA immediately while it was further directed that the M/s Multinet would submit a bank guarantee for the rest of fifty percent till the final outcome in this case.

The court ordered that the said bank guarantee would be paid directly to NHA if the case will be decided against the plaintiff M/s Multinet Pakistan. 

Now, following the court directions, the General Manager ROW Muhammad Asif Hargan wrote a letter to the Chief Executive Officer of the M/s Multinet Pakistan and asked him to submit Rs.259.336 million directly in the account of road maintenance NHA.

The sources inside the authority informed that the incumbent GM ROW who is known for his exemplary performance in terms of revenue increase has taken a very keen interest in the disposal of this case, which will give a considerable pending amount to NHA, if the decision would not be challenged in the apex court by private firm. 

It is pertinent to mention here that the increase of revenue under the head of the Right of Way is extraordinary as compare to other formations. This formation collected Rs915.79 million this year as compared to 352.15 million of last year’s revenue with an increase of 160.06 per cent and the same was showed in the 100 days performance of NHA.