TOBA TEK SINGH-A nine-year-old girl was allegedly raped while a boy was kidnapped while another was tortured and disgraced after kidnapping separately here on Tuesday.

According to police, a nine-year-old girl was sexually assaulted by a youth in Chak 697/33 GB near Pirmahal on Tuesday. The girl (S) was bringing milk from a house located outside the village when accused Kashif abducted her to nearby crops fields where he raped her.

The girl was taken to Arrouti Rural Health Centre from where doctors referred her to DHQ Hospital,Toba Tek Singh. The police have arrested the accused and started further investigation.

In another incident, a class ninth student was allegedly kidnapped by unidentified person(s) on Tuesday. The student Zain's father Zaheerul Hassan, resident of Chak 314/JB informed the Gojra Saddr police that his son went to school situated in Chak 288/JB but did not return.

He suspected that his son might has been abducted by someone. The police have started investigation.

Meanwhile, four youth allegedly kidnapped their 'opponent' boy over some dispute and shaved his head, eyebrows and moustache after severely torturing him.

Complainant Ansar Sattar of Chak 437/JB Kunjran Wali informed the Gojra Saddr Police that he was returning home from the city when accused Waris Ali and his three accomplices overpowered him.

They took him to nearby forest where they not only gave him severe beat but also shaved his head, eyebrows and moustache. He was admitted to Gojra THQ Hospital while police have started investigation.

Motorcyclist dies

A man died while another injured in a car-motorbike collision on Sunday. Rajana police said Noor Hussain of Chak 251/GB Uggi was on the way to Gojra on Philour-Gojra Road on a motorbike.

As he reached near Chak 182/GB, a car coming from the opposite direction hit the motorbike. As a result, Noor Hussain and car driver Zubair of Chak 316 JB (Jhang) were severely wounded.

They were shifted to DHQ hospital where Noor Hussain succumbed to his injuries.