Poverty is the situation in which one usually lacks access to material possessions or money and is unable to fulfill his or her basic needs. While industrialization made the production and distribution of food easy, despite modernization, no proper method of distribution has been devised and implemented. Based on distance, poverty is classified as short term, long term or cyclical. Whereas, based on distribution it is classified as widespread, concentrated and case Poverty. Poverty is also manifested in the form of lack of education, social discrimination and exclusion and lack of decision making power.

More than 783 million people are living below the poverty line worldwide. 10% of the world’s labour is earning less than Rs. 265 per day. The ratio of young adult women to men living below poverty line is 61:50. Adding to that, every one in four children are suffering from malnutrition due to extreme poverty. Poverty remains most concentrated in the regions of South Asia and sub-Saharan Africa.

Due to this alarming situation, the United Nations developed their Sustainable Development Goals. Eliminating world poverty is one of the 17 goals of the SDGs. The goal is to work towards eliminating 50% of world poverty by 2030 by providing necessary resources and services to people living in vulnerable environments, particularly conflict-stricken countries.

Ending poverty is a matter of universal justice, and it provides a chance to unleash enormous human potential. Therefore, we must work together to ensure a world with no disease and hunger.

We can also promote the SDGs by donating to more charities in the form of money, clothes, books and furniture etc. and by volunteering in various organizations. There is also an increasing need to promote the SDGs so as to increase awareness about the importance of these goals.

In Pakistan there is an attempt to work towards the SDGs in order to eradicate poverty. The Stakeholders in Pakistan released a report in which they reviewed Pakistan’s position in SDGs. This was done with the help of Pakistan Development Alliance, VSO and UK Aid. The report concludes that the country will prioritize SDGs to ensure eradication of poverty, good health and well being, quality education, clean water and sanitation, decent work and economic growth and peace, justice and stronger institutions.


Lahore, January 21.