The lack of reforms in the public transport system in Pakistan results in the loss of many lives along with the perpetuation of lack of enforcement of traffic rules. Twenty-seven individuals burned to death in a bus-truck collision in Lasbela. This is not the first time that the lack of regulations has resulted in a tragic accident. In this case, as well, both parties, the truck, and the bus were operating in an illegal manner. The bus had the capacity to accommodate only 29 passengers but 33 people were riding the bus that day. When a vehicle is pushed beyond its limit, there are high chances that it will not be easy to control it and an accident can occur. We witness this almost everywhere in the public transport system of Pakistan and the practice goes on without the concern for the loss of lives.

The second party, the truck, was carrying smuggled oil from Iran. This is why both the vehicles caught fire. If there are no regulations for such actions, it is likely that accidents will occur. Vehicles carrying inflammable and exchange goods should have specific travel durations and specific routes. This will ensure that if they choose routes beyond the given framework, they will be penalised and heavily fined. There is also a need to upgrade the trucking industry of Pakistan. Trucks being used to carry goods from one place to another require investment to be able to meet safety measures.

The current regime is pushing for a change in the traffic system in Pakistan. The process should not be restricted to traffic lights and car number plates, rather it should extend to enforcing safety precautions in public and private transport along with proper checkpoints across the country to ensure that rules are being followed.