RAHIM YAR KHAN-A pack of stray dogs mauled a woman to death here in the outskirts of the city the other night.

According health authorities, Ashraf, a resident of Chak 72-P dropped his wife Khursheed Bibi for work at Mauza Pursaan Monday morning and went back home. After work, Khursheed Bibi changed her way back home due to rain. On the way a pack of stray dogs attacked and mauled her to death.

Later, the dogs dragged her body into nearby fields and ate her. When her husband arrived in the evening for taking her home, he found Khursheed Bibi missing. Ashraf searched for her along with his relatives but failed.

Early Tuesday morning when they again started search to locate her, they found the deceased woman's body in a nearby field. People of the area told journalists that a boy was also killed by stray dogs few months back.

They claimed that they have complained many times to the Municipal Committee (MC) for the elimination of dangerous stray dogs but to no avail. Police shifted the body of the deceased woman to Sheikh Zayed Medical College Hospital (SZMCH) for post-mortem.

SZMCH media focal person Rana Ilyas Ahmed informed that the postmortem report says that the dogs had eaten 70 percent body of deceased.

Vice chairman MC RYK Abdul Latif Bhatti argued that Mauza Pursaan does not fall in the jurisdiction of the MC, adding that the MC had carried out a campaign against stray dogs last year.