Rahim Yar Khan-The Food Department has lifted the ban previously imposed on transportation of wheat from the district to other provinces.

The decision has created a sense of relief and the wheat shortage issue is seemingly coming under control of the authorities in nearby districts and adjoining areas of KPK and Sindh. Sources however reveal the ban was placed illegally.

The RY Khan is a doorway from Punjab to Sindh and KPK both while high-ranking food department officials were involved in stopping hundreds of trucks loaded with flour, sources exposed adding that from different checkpoints, trucks were being sent back to mills and FIRs were lodged against truck drivers on several occasions while impounding the trucks at police stations to create an atmosphere of fear had become an order of the day.

Due to this decision of the Food Department, the shortage of flour in some cities of KPK and Sindh had intensified the crisis.

The department left with no option but to mend its ways and thus lifted ban on the delivery of flour to KPK and Sindh from Rahim Yar Khan, sources said.

It is important to note that shipments of wheat cannot be banned under the 18th Amendment but nonetheless food department Punjab on January 11 banned the delivery of flour and wheat from Rahim Yar Khan to other provinces and other districts, causing the severe crises.