LAHORE - PPP Punjab chapter President Qamar Zaman Kaira has lamented that bad governance has reached to a level where even Advisers of PTI regime were accepting complete failure.

Addressing a Press conference after convening meeting at party Secretariat in Model Town on Wednesday, he said that there was  chaos and even government representatives were accepting the ground reality.

Kaira said that both Ishrat Hussain and Shabbar Zaidi have accepted bad governance and suggesting restructuring of institutions.

Referring to ongoing flour crisis, he said that flour laden trucks could be seen standing along roads for distribution at subsidised rates during Musharraf regime.

The scene has been replicated after 12 years by the lovers of the dictator, he said in reference to opposition of the PTI government to the death penalty that had been announced by a Special Court to the former military dictator.

He said that first surplus wheat was exported by the government by offering subsidy worth Rs10.5 billion to the exporters and now wheat is being imported to meet the shortage in the local market.

He questioned why the government was importing wheat when new crop was arriving soon.

He wondered why rates of sugar were on the rise while sugar mills were not being made operational contrary to the usual start of crushing season by November end each year.

On the other hand, he said that, sugarcane growers were not being paid their dues by the millers. He asked what kind of governance it was in which sugar rates were going up and if the crisis has been caused by hoarders then who has the authority to take action, the media, opposition or the government?

He regretted that PTI leaders were clashing with the leadership of their allied parties but claims were made about stability of the government.

Referring to election slogans of fighting corruption, he said that even ruling party MNAs were alleging that jobs were being sold out by the authorities concerned while Federal Science and Technology Minister Fawad Cahudhry charge-sheeted the Punjab government for failing to deliver in the province.

Replying to a question about PPP-led Sindh government’s demand for replacing the current Inspector-General of police of the province, he said that if the Prime Minister had the right to select a team of bureaucrats for running the Federal government then provincial Chief Minister also had the right to get IGs of their choice.

Whereas, five IGs had been changed in the 16-month rule of the PTI in Punjab without any objection from any quarter, he added.