Contemporary Public Relations is a blend of management, supervisory, and technical functions that enhance an organization's strategic abilities for achieving its political, corporate or social objectives. Globalization and emergence of World Trade Organization (WTO) has made PR a global phenomenon. In present world scenario, America is the sole super power having major influence on developing countries like Pakistan. Developing countries heavily rely on PR with developed countries for better deals in trade, aid and support to run their governments. The perception of a particular country, as projected by the media and received by the US government and its public, has great impact on the relationship between the two countries. This is where the PR helps. Pakistan claims itself to be a key US ally in war against terrorism but it must be perceived as such in the USA in order for us to draw any benefit from it. One of the major tasks of the Musharraf regime in the past and for the present government is to improve and maintain a positive image of itself in the world in general and Washington in particular. World must know and believe that a democratic setup is running things in Pakistan. This demands extra ordinary efforts to build and maintain positive image through continuous PR activities in order to attract trade and investments and increase exports and aid. -ABDUL REHMAN QAISAR, Islamabad, via e-mail, July 8.