KARACHI - The power supply from Karachi Nuclear Power Plant (Kannup) has still not been restored as the restoration date of July 21 has been passed. Kannup power plant which had closed down last week due to helium gas leakage and provides as much as 80 megawatts of electricity to the City has resulted in a total loss of 430 megawatts of electricity to the City. Meanwhile, on the other end major riots took place in Mauripur, with people burning tyres due to excessive loadshedding that gripped the City with the sizzling heat adding miseries to their lives. When contacted the KESC spokesman was oblivious of the fact about the riots taking place in Mauripur. The spokesman showed his unawareness about when the plant will be opened rather asserted that Kannup officials could better know the real situation. "To reduce the prolong loadshedding hours, people must start conserving electricity to pave way for lesser amount of loadshedding." On the other hand loadshedding continues unabated in the City with power failure of two hours and more, persistently culminating during the day time. Power failure also strikes during nighttime though only the industrial units are to shut down, as per the schedule. Poor power supply in various vicinities of the City often leads to major riots throughout the City areas, for obvious reasons when lights are out, people become even more frustrated than ever before. Though, UPS is now officiated at most of the residential units, the poorest of the poor can simply not afford it.