LAHORE - Lack of proper communication system and non-utilization of modern skills and equipment in the field of Information Technology is the biggest challenge being faced by the Muslim World. "Dependency on foreign communication networks and lack of achievement in modern technology and advanced scientific knowledge did not allow it to make a breakthrough in the global arena." This was the upshot of the speeches delivered at the inaugural session of "LCCI OIC Telecom and IT Conference & Expo" at Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry on Tuesday. The speakers including Provincial Minister for Excise and Taxation Mujtaba Shujaur Rehman, LCCI President Mohammad Ali Mian, Iranian Consul General in Lahore Mr Saeed Kharazi, Mian Mohammad Javed, President Institute of Telecommunication Engineers, Mr Shahid Rashid, CEO SMEDA, LCCI Vice President Shafqat Saeed Piracha and Chairman Standing Committee on OIC Mian Fazal Ahmad spoke on the importance of telecommunication network in today's world. The speakers were of the view that Muslims at the international level represent 1/4th of the world's population, possesses 70 percent of world's energy resources and 40 percent of the global availability of raw materials, but the collective OIC share in global trades is barely 6-7 percent. The human development indicators are among the lowest in the world. In today's globalized world, economic strength determines the status and position of a bloc or a country in the comity of nations. They said that they had made little progress politically or economically. Islamic Development Bank, the financial wing of the OIC, created to promote economic cooperation between Muslim states, has maintained a low-key profile. The IDB should not only proactively promote major infrastructure projects such as Telecom and IT but also provide funding in this regard. Now-a day, communication plays a vital role in confidence building process among all nations and governments and therefore one of the prime responsibilities of all the Islamic States in the present milieu is to encourage public sector for research and investment in the field of IT as much as possible. The LCCI President Mohammad Ali Mian, speaking on the occasion, said that the Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry by holding this International Conference & Expo has tried to identify potential areas of mutual economic cooperation regarding telecommunication Sector. He said that the Conference would also help identify the bottlenecks in the way of promotion of business among Muslim countries and the experts from these countries would get a chance to discuss Quality of services, R&D issues and Cost effectiveness of various products and services. The Provincial Minister for Excise and Taxation Mujtaba Shujaur Rehman highlighted the role of Punjab government for the promotion of Information Technology in the province. He said that all necessary steps are being taken to this regard. The Iranian Consul General Mr Saeed Kharazi in his address said that during the last few years some of the developing countries in Muslim World, including Islamic Republics of Iran and Pakistan have made concentrated efforts for achieving viable success in the field of IT which is still continuing. Undoubtedly, these countries have made significant progress and development in this direction and fortunately one of the biggest areas where they have focused their attention for maximum cooperation during recent years was Information Technology and they both can play an important role in promoting relations among Muslim Nations and other countries of this region while squeezing their gap of communication possibly through mutual cooperation and investment after intensifying this sector as much as possible.