KARACHI (APP) - Pakistan Railway is seriously considering to increase the railways fares to offset the impact of ever-rising fuel prices, it was learnt on Tuesday. The Railway is learnt to have approached the Ministry of Railways for an increase in the fares. According to Railways sources it incurrent an expenditure of Rs 6.928 billion last year and due to four time increase in fuel prices, the fuel cost is estimated to rise to Rs 11.95 billion. The govenment, sources in the railways pointed out, increased the feul prices by 7 percent on April 18, 6.55 percent on May 1, 9.8 percent on June 29 and 17.65 percent on July 21 while the Railway increased the fares only once on July 5 in view of fuell price increase on June 29 and has moved the Ministry for a second time increase this month. The Railway, in a bid to have minimum burden on economy class travelllers, has suggested an increase on parcel and freight charges and higher increase on air-conditioned class. Railway sources said that with an increase in fuel prices, the railway will have to take on financial burden of Rs 2 billion but in order to save travellers from over-burdening, it will absorb a burden of Rs 400 to 500 million. Informed sources said that Railway is likley to increase the fares by 8 percent which means an economy class ticket of Rs 400 will cost Rs 430 while Airconditioned class will have a 15 percent hike in fare, 10 percent on parcel and 5 percent on freight charges.