Overtures of friendship and good neighbourly relations by Pakistan have been spurned with contempt by Afghan President Hamid Karzai. He has been accusing Pakistan for the terrorist attacks and suicide bombings, which have taken a heavy toll of life and property in Afghanistan. He has repeatedly threatened Pakistan with retribution and revenge for the terrorist attacks in his country. His latest fusillade of allegations and threats has upset Pakistani rulers and angered the media and public. The government and people of Pakistan have cultural and religious affinity and brotherly feelings towards the Afghan people. During the Soviet occupation, four million Afghan refugees took refuge in Pakistan. They were welcomed, sheltered and fed by the Pakistani people and the government. Two million Afghan refugees are still in Pakistan and are reluctant to return to their homeland. It appears that Karzai has been instigated to respond negatively to Pakistan's overtures of friendship. On July 14, 2008, Karzai accused the ISI of being behind the terrorist attacks which rocked Afghanistan, and caused heavy casualties and destruction. In an angry and aggressive tone Karzai alleged that "The killing, destruction, dishonouring and insecurity in Afghanistan has been caused by the Intelligence Administration of Pakistan, and its military intelligence institutions. Pakistani agents were behind the Indian embassy bombing of July 7." Karzai's reckless accusations reflect an unstable mind. He is wrong in thinking that ISI is a government within a government or the Pakistan military is a state within a state. He conjectures that these vital state institutions can do to whatever they like, and are not under the control of the federal government. Such inference and accusations are wrong and unacceptable and need a proper response. The accusation of involvement of Pakistani agencies in terrorist activities in Afghanistan, and in the bombing of the Indian embassy in Kabul, must be substantiated by Kabul and Delhi. Clear evidence and proof must be provided and submitted for official and public scrutiny. On the other hand, the activities of the Afghan Taliban have intensified. The Taliban are on the offensive, despite the immense NATO military and air power. Earlier on July 13, the Afghan Taliban attacked NATO-Afghan military post killing scores of soldiers. Intensifying the blame game Karzai remarked, "We have told the government of Pakistan that killing of the people of Afghanistan, destruction of bridges is being carried out by Pakistan's intelligence and military departments. I will take revenge very soon. I am telling the enemy of Afghanistan (Pakistan) that we will protect the honour of this country.... ISI has turned Pakistan into the biggest exporter of terrorism and extremism to the world, particularly Afghanistan." At a meeting of the Afghan cabinet, presided by President Karzai, it was decided to suspend all contacts and meetings with Pakistan till the restoration of confidence between the two countries. Karzai remarked, "Hence-forth Afghan officials will not take part in any of the forth coming meetings in Dubai, Islamabad or Kabul with Pakistan." Karzai's inimical accusations and threats have poisoned relations between the two neighbours, to the delight of the ill wishers of Pakistan. PM Gilani has rejected Karzai's allegations, rightly saying, "A stable Afghanistan is in the interest of Pakistan, and Karzai's statement may hamper development work in the region." The ministry of foreign affairs has also denied the accusations as baseless, urging the Kabul government to stop playing the blame game. Islamabad desires cordial relations with Kabul. Despite Karzai's provocative accusations, Pakistan must pursue the policy of peace with Afghanistan, vigorously. Waziristan, Khyber, Mohmand Agency and Swat are considered to be safe havens by the US for Al-Qaeda, Tehrik-e Taliban Pakistan under Baitullah Mehsud, and Maulana Fazl ullah. However, it is suspected that the terrorists are being armed and funded by KHAD (Afghan intelligence agency) and by RAW (Indian intelligence agency). Mehsud has threatened to turn Sindh and Punjab into heaps of ash. Mehsud's five-day ultimatum to the NWFP government to quit should not be treated as a joke. JUI-F chief Maulana Fazalur Rehman has said that Mehsud's threats are serious, and are more important than the restoration of the judges. In the two years stand-off with the security forces in Waziristan, Baitullah is one up. His death squads of suicide bombers have killed hundreds of Pakistani citizens including scores of Army and FC personnel. He has been successful in kidnapping several government officials and still continues to challenge the writ of the state. It is astonishing that the tribal leaders desiring peace are being killed by Hellfire missiles fired by the USAF Predator and Reaper drones, while Mehsud's network of forts, bunkers and armouries remain untouched. US drones have been flying round the clock over terrorist hideouts on both sides of the Durand Line since several months, but have failed to take action against the militants threatening Pakistan with dire consequences. The militant groups have announced time and again that they will continue to wage jihad in Afghanistan, till the country is rid off foreign occupiers and their puppets. How come Karzai and his advisors do not see or discern the multiple threats afflicting Pakistan. The PPP-led coalition government wants peace. The Karzai junta should realise that fomenting bloodshed in Afghanistan is not on the agenda of the PPP's regime. Pakistan wants a stable and prosperous Afghanistan. The Kabul regime should seek Islamabad's help and cooperation to achieve the common aim and purpose. Karzai should apologise to the government and people of Pakistan for his provocative, rash and unwise utterances. He should stop bad mouthing Pakistan. The writer is an ex-air marshal