LAHORE - Punjab Chief Minister, Mian Shahbaz Sharif has said that it is a matter of shame for entire nation that nuclear Islamic State Pakistan is holding begging bowl for aid and experiencing worst ever load-shedding and economic crises. He said that Pakistan can develop in all walks of life like nuclear field, provided concerted efforts were made. Shahbaz said we should take radical steps to work for the betterment of the peoples otherwise a bloody revolution would soon swept away everything. Shahbaz Sharif was addressing the concluding ceremony of Nazariati Summer School of Nazria Pakistan Trust at Aiwan-e-Karkunan-e-Tehrik-e-Pakistan on Tuesday. Editor-in-Chief, The Nation and Chairman Nazria Pakistan Trust Majid Nizami, Dr Javed Iqbal, Sen Naeem Hussain Chatha, Begum Majida Wyne, Prof Dr Rafique Ahmad, Azizul Haq Qureshi, Col (Retd) Jamshed Tarin, Naseer A Malik, Prof Muzaffar Mirza and Punjab Information Secretary Orya Maqbool Jan were also present on the stage. Secretary, Nazria Pakistan Trust Shahid Rashid conducted the proceedings. The CM gave away awards to students and shields to school staff. Eminent Tehrik-e-Pakistan workers were also present. Shahbaz said sovereign and alive nations never beg for aid. History shows that the nations always progressed with their own might and strength i.e. positivism, faith, honesty and adherence to national principles. Shahbaz said these golden principles can enable us to make headway even through mighty mountains and deep seas. Shahbaz said these principles were also the hallmark of Allama Iqbal and Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah's teachings. But unfortunately we forgot their message and were now languishing in the state of bewilderness and chaos wherein aliens were trying to usurp our freedom and independence. Shahbaz said that it was sorry state that we failed to set right even the basic things. Shahbaz Sharif said load-shedding and other crisis were legacies of previous eight years' dictatorial rule but the coalition government would overcome all the crises. The CM said Pakistan had plunged into the shadow of darkness due to autocratic rule and abrogation of the constitution due to which our beloved Pakistan disintegrated and fell into deep ravine of obstacles. He said if there was any moment of emergency proclamation, it should have been for education. He said without adoring the jewel of education, we can not achieve ideals set by Iqbal and the Quaid. The nation had to contribute its share to education, he added. Shahbaz said he was proud to be amongst the shining children of Nazriati Summer School, in whose hands lies the destiny of the nation. Shahbaz said during his recent visit to a village in Rahim Yar Khan, he was astonished to see the children getting education on 'tat'. The girl school had only one toilet. The so-called exponents of 'Parha Likha Punjab' did nothing to provide missing facilities of toilets, furniture and others in school. He said some of our children did not know the name of capital of Punjab and there were a few children who can tell the names of world's capitals and download matter on internet. He said our faulty education system was producing two streams and two classes of affluent, have and have'nots. Is this the state of things for which our elders gave sacrifices of their lives, Is it a justice to build CM House at a cost of billions of rupees and schools without even tat and furniture.". He, however, said we would fight till the last breath for quality education. "We will come up to the expectation of the people and perform such feats which would be remembered by the coming generations. He said we had come on the track after mistakes and were working on an agenda of national service. We would break eight years stagnation. Our exchequer was open for children. Shahbaz praised Nazria Pakistan Trust and its programmes and announced that the Punjab Government would bear all expenses on the construction of Quaid-e-Azam Complex. The chief minister announced to organise debates between the school children at divisional level where he himself will participate. The talented children will be taken to CM House, as state guests, as he said Quaid's Pakistan is for the children and not for the looters and plunderers of national wealth. He also announced a free trip of children to Murree. Earlier, Vice Chairman NPT Prof Dr Rafique Ahmad explained the working of the school and its achievements and urged that Nazariati schools should be set up in all districts. In his concluding speech, Chairman NPT, Majid Nizami thanked the CM for his cooperation. Majid Nizami urged the students to work hard. He advised the young scholars to get education and leave the rest on God. He said Mian Sharif, the father of CM came from Jati Umra, Amritsar and was educated person among the family who set up Ittefaq Industries here and became leading industrialist of the city. Later Ittefaq Industries were nationalised as a token of punishment by the then regime. But, because Mian Sahib was an educated person, he built up with his knowledge and hard work another Industry, Raiwind, Ittefaq Hospital and again became the biggest industrialist of the city. Similarly, he gave his own example. He Majid Nizami said his father was a small soap manufacturer in Sangla Hill but his father and after death of his father, his mother paid attention to our education. (Late) Hameed Nizami and he came to Lahore for higher education. "You can see the fruits of education and hard work, in the shape of Nawa-e-Waqt publications, he added. Majid Nizami said that Dr AQ has been released. Nawa-e-Waqt devoted an add for his release which was published 1,600 times free of cost. Majid Nizami said he helped in removing difference between Dr Qadeer and Nawaz Sharif on Dr Qadeer's request. Mian Nawaz Sharif government made the nuclear explosion rejecting Clinton's telephonic request and he informed him on phone soon after the explosion. Now Pakistan is invincible. We are different from Hindus on the basis of two-nation theory. The young generation is custodian of this ideology, he added.