Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan has extended its deadline till today, saying, "It is the Central Council which would take any decision regarding a possible action against the NWFP government," reported a private TV channel late on Tuesday, quoting TTP spokesman Maulvi Umar. Maulvi Umar said that there had been informal contacts between the NWFP government and TTP, after the deadline given by Commander Baitullah Mehsud. However, he said the government has not come up with a clear stance so far. The negotiation process is possible if the government halts its actions against Taliban, he said, adding that NWFP government would have to take certain steps aimed at restoring an atmosphere of confidence. Our Staff Reporter from Peshawar adds: Earlier, the TTP spokesman in an exclusive interview with TheNation said that purpose of the ultimatum was to force the NWFP government to put its all affairs in order. Despite frequent queries and arguments, Omar said nothing against the federal government or Armed Forces rather praised Islamabad. He claimed that since the military action is being carried out at the behest of the provincial government, the TTP ultimatum is just. In response to a question, Maulvi Omar said, "Despite suspension of negotiation regarding South Waziristan Agency, we are satisfied with the policies of the federal government. The federal government has honoured all promises and commitments including release of prisoners and compensation to the victims." He added that federal government had already confirmed dispatching of troops to Hangu on the request of NWFP government and on such grounds TTP believed that NWFP government was responsible for action against Taliban in all over the region. Holding the NWFP government in general and Awami National Party (ANP) leadership in particular responsible for the whole affair, Omar said, "If NWFP government stops operation and becomes willing for negotiation, we can withdraw the ultimatum, otherwise we are ready to initiate actions from Wednesday." After negotiation, there could be an agreement between the two sides, he added. Answering a question, Omar said, "People mandated the NWFP government for the return of peace and stability. If NWFP government is incapable to honour such mandate, we have the very right to demand its resignation." He added that NWFP government must confess its failure. He observed that amidst operations and actions, peace agreement in Swat was meaningless, adding if NWFP government was sincere in its claims, it must stop operation in all over the region particularly in tribal areas. He termed the recent operation in Khyber Agency "nothing else than a drama."