The PCB is again mired in controversy. It cannot seem to make up its mind between right and wrong in spite of considerable experience in dealing with the duo of Shoaib Akhtar and Muhammad Asif. Shoaib has been given numerous chances to mend his ways but to no avail. The news that he was carrying syringes in his baggage is the latest in a long list of misdemeanors. But leaving all these incidents aside, the selectors should judge him purely on the basis of his performance and fitness. Does his performance inspire confidence? I am afraid not. Except for one good spell he did nothing of note in India. As to his fitness, how can the selectors expect him to bowl ten overs when he broke down when required to bowl only four. Lastly, if the High Court has set aside his period of suspension, he has still to pay a huge fine. Does this mean he is innocent? Again the answer is no. What probably happened was that the Court may have found a few extenuating factors and reduced his punishment from suspension to a hefty fine. If the PCB is assuming that this amounts to a clean chit from the High Court then it is sadly mistaken. As for Asif, the lesser said the better it is. In a short span of few years, he has ruined his career and brought a bad name to Pakistan. He was given a life line by a strange interpretation of rules as he was new and had no previous track record. Leaving these considerations aside, one has to ask is he physically fit and has he performed well? Even according to this yardstick he does not deserve a place in the Pakistan eleven. Why is the PCB so reluctant to differentiate between right and wrong. Probably they are under the mistaken impression that Shoaib will rip through any side and that he is a match winner. But this raises the question, is winning all that matters? What about the dignity, reputation and prestige of the country? It is much better to play hard with a team of youngsters of whom there is no dearth, than with players who have question marks against their names and who so far have only brought a bad name to the country. Even if either of these bowlers were to take ten wickets in an innings, people would still wonder if it was a natural or a dubious performance under the influence of performance-enhancing drugs. The PCB has to take a decision between right and wrong. For the sake of Pakistan Cricket all cricket lovers hope that it will show some courage and take the right decision.