KARACHI - Pakistan's total trade deficit widened to $20.746 billion in the last fiscal 2007-08 from $13.563 billion in fiscal 2006-07. The official data released by the Trade Development Authority Pakistan showed that the country's trade deficit increased by 52 percent in last fiscal 2007-08 as total trade deficit recorded to $20.746 billion dollars against $13.563 billion dollars of same period of previous fiscal, which depicted an increase of $7.182 billion more over last year. The official figures showed that about 13.23 percent increase had been registered in exports during last fiscal07/08 as total export amounted to $19.223 billion dollars in this period against $16.976 billion dollars of corresponding year of last FY06/07. Similarly, a massive increase of 30.87 percent had been witnessed in imports in outgoing fiscal 2007-08 as total amount of $39.968 billion dollars was spent on imports against $30.540 billion dollars of same period of previous fiscal 2006-07. According to experts, the high international oil prices (fuel/edible oil) and sharp increase in the imports of different groups have consumed a big chunk of additional amount of foreign exchange, causing extra burden on the national reserves which resulted ever increasing trade deficit. The analysts were of the view that the energy crisis has appeared as death warrant for the economy which is disaster for the industry. Official data showed that a sharp increase of $23 million dollars had been achieved in exports of the country as total exports amounted to $19.223 billion dollars over target of $19.200 billion dollars in outgoing fiscal 2007-08. Analysts said the over $20 billion dollars trade deficit was the major reason behind fast growing current account deficit which ballooned to $14.016 billion dollars during the outgoing fiscal year 2008 against $6.878 billion of FY07, leading to erosion in the foreign exchange reserves of the country while adding worries to the country's economic managers, who were combating other challenges like highest ever trade deficit and inflation on other side. In October last year the total foreign exchange reserves of Pakistan had improved to 16.24 billion dollars mark, from where the reserves have depleted to 13.13 billion dollars till last week, showing a decrease of over 3 billion dollars in reserves in few months. The imbalance was mainly because of very high trade imbalance which was substantially aided by the services imbalance. The TDAP data showed that the major contribution of export went to Textile and Garment sector in last fiscal as sector's total export was amounted to $10.621 billion dollars against $10.835billion dollars of same period of previous fiscal 2006-07. The government initially had set the target of $12. 216 billion dollars for Textile and Garment sector in outgoing fiscal. Meanwhile, exporting the other core categories of rice, leather products, sports goods, surgical instruments and petroleum products, the country earned $5.507b in last fiscal. Similarly, in the exports of developmental categories, Pakistan received $2.139b in last FY08. It may be noted here that there has always been observed the large variation in the official economic-based statistics of three governmental organizations, namely State Bank of Pakistan, Federal Bureau of Statistics and Trade Development Authority Pakistan in trade data.