LAHORE -  Following a record surge in the oil prices, the Inter-City transporters have announced 20 per cent increase in fares to be applicable from Wednesday (today) while the urban transporters have threatened to go on strike from Friday if the government would not fix Rs 15 as minimum fare for every 4 kilometres distance. "The buses will not ply on the City roads from coming Friday as we don't have money to purchase diesel to fill the tanks of the vehicles. We don't have any other option but to suspend the operation if the government will not allow increase in fares before Thursday," Bashir Sial, Chairman Punjab Urban Transport System said on Tuesday. On the other hand, the public suffered a lot on Tuesday after some of the urban transporters suspended the transport facility to protest against the shocking increase in fuel prices. According to the passengers, they had to wait for a considerable time for public transport at the bus stops due to very limited transport facility available on Tuesday. According to the transporters, the Inter-City AC buses have announced 20 per cent increase in the fares to be applicable from Wednesday (today). However, the non AC Inter-City transporters have demanded the Punjab government to immediately announce 30 per cent increase in the fares otherwise they would also suspended the inter-city transport facility as it has become very difficult for them to continue their business. The representatives of transport associations and unions again on Tuesday held a meeting with Punjab Transport Authority and explained their financial concerns in the wake of alarming increase in the prices of petroleum products. "The Punjab Transport Authority has assured us that they will resolve our genuine grievances before Thursday. We discussed various proposals regarding fixation of minimum fares for stop to stop on the City routes," Bahsir Sial said. He further said that the present government is adopting such policies to crush the public instead of providing any relief to the oppressed people. He also said the government had made it almost impossible for the transporters to keep on providing transport facilities for the people as the transporters had already been suffering financial losses due to alarming increase in the diesel prices. He also urged the government to immediately provide subsidy on diesel to the public transporters. "If the government will not allow an increase in the urban transport fares, we will suspend the transport facility on the urban routes," he maintained. The transporters have demanded of the government to fix Rs 15 as stop to stop fare, Rs 20 for 8 km, Rs 25 for 14 km, Rs 30 for 14 to 22 km and Rs 35 after 22 km, following the government notified an increase of Rs 9.50 per litre in diesel price. The transporters also demanded the Punjab government to announce its policy before Thursday and threatened wheel-jam strike from Friday if their demands were not fulfilled.