OUR STAFF REPORTER KARACHI - The biggest-ever AIBA Junior World Championships will be held in Astana, the modern capital city of Kazakhstan, with the first competition day on Saturday, according to information made available here Friday. A record number of 360 boxers from 52 nations have entered their names in the event and each of the affiliated AIBA Confederations will be taking part in the tournament, in which athletes born in 1995-1996 are eligible to compete. Joining to the host team and world number one Russia with full 13-member squads are Armenia, Australia, Belarus, Ireland, Moldova, Turkey, the Ukraine and Uzbekistan. Azerbaijan also will be competing with 12 boxers in Astana, while Bulgaria and Tajikistan have dispatched 11 athletes. Ecuador, England, India, Iraq, Japan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Romania and Turkmenistan also will be attending with their junior stars. Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bosnia and Herzegovina, French Polynesia, Iraq, Myanmar, New Zealand, Philippines, Scotland, Singapore and Syria will be making their debut at the AIBA Jr World Championship.