OUR STAFF REPORTER LAHORE If Pakistan Railways is not purged of corrupt, dishonest and inefficient elements, the days are not very far when this one of the largest and strategically important institutions of the country will destroy completely as concerned Ministry seemed least interested in taking corrective measures. This was stated by the former Chairman of Pakistan Poultry Association Abdul Basit while talking to a group of businessmen on Friday. Abdul Basit said that Pakistan Railways is one of the largest institutions of the country as it is most important source of passengers and industrial goods movement across the country. While citing the stats, he said that approximately 65 million passengers annually travel through Pakistan Railways while important items like petroleum products, wheat, coal, fertilizers, cement, sugar and thousands others distributed through Pakistan Railways. He said that despite being most important institution, Railways is facing the worst loss and has eaten up more than Rs52b in the last three years. If Indian Railways could be turned into a profitable institution than why not Pak Railways? He said that Indian Railways is the 4th largest railway network after US, Russia and China. A few years back, Indian Railways was on the verge of bankruptcy but today, it is the 2nd largest profit making institution .