NUSA DUA, Indonesia (AFP) - China warned the United States on Friday not to interfere in territorial disputes with its Asian neighbours over the South China Sea, during talks with US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Clinton said ahead of a meeting with Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi on the Indonesian island of Bali that Washington welcomed a deal between China and Southeast Asia on guidelines meant to reduce tension in the strategic sea. I want to commend China and ASEAN for working so closely together to include implementation guidelines for the declaration of conduct in the South China Sea, Clinton told reporters. But during their meeting Yang reminded Clinton that Chinas territorial claims in the South China Sea or anywhere else were none of Washingtons business. The Chinese side raised its own concerns, which is that it is important to respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of China, Chinese delegation spokesman Liu Weiming told reporters, summarising Yangs comments to Clinton. Liu said Yang and Clinton specifically discussed the South China Sea, a potentially resource-rich waterway stretching from Chinas southern coast deep into Southeast Asia.