In the wake of granting dozens of visas to CIA saboteurs by our submissive government, an increase in the number of suspicious looking foreigners has been witnessed across parts of Lahore, particularly in posh localities. This is most alarming because, as seen before, these agents are a threat to the security of the country as well as the ordinary citizens. They have been found breaking the law of the land, moving about heavily guarded, ignoring traffic rules with impunity, in vehicles with tinted glasses carrying fake number plates and indulging in other objectionable activities. Interacting with the citizens, they misbehave: shout at security personnel who ask for their IDs, harass commuters on the roads by driving at breakneck speed and then creating fear in the localities they live in. Reportedly, these Americans have also built bomb proof concrete bunkers inside the houses they have taken on rent. All this has been covered by the newspapers in the past and it is but certain that with their arrival, such activities would be witnessed more often. The government should let the public know under what conditions they have been issued visas and are operating. Have we not learnt any lesson from Operation Geronimo and the Raymond Davis episode that led to a storm of anti-Americanism in the country, creating unrest and political turmoil? If a carte blanche has been given to them like in the past, it will only complicate matters for us. Their presence is a source of worry for the local population which feel alarmed at seeing these sleuths living among them. The public rightly questions the logic of allowing them a complete freedom to operate inside the country when they have already caused so much worry about their cloak and dagger games. A foolproof mechanism for their surveillance and checking when they are moving about the towns should be devised.