Appearing on a TV Talk Show to clear his name on allegation of carrying Canadian Passport (among other things), Mr. Boland Akhtar Rana accepted that he got the passport when he was on a three years leave while staying in Canada. The participants of the talk show failed to ask the following pertinent questions; Did he apply for the Canadian passport/citizenship? Was he in government service then? Did he seek permission from the government of Pakistan prior to applying for the passport/citizenship? If he ignored the above-mentioned points he committed perjury and is open to investigation according to government services rules which could lead to termination of his services. If I remember correctly, according to Esta Code, a terminated officer cannot be taken into any government services again unless pardoned by the President. I also remember reading about an officer in foreign services who lost grade 21 postjust because he bought a property in a foreign country where he was serving as a diplomat Watching him on TV, it looks like Mr Rana has caught himself in a case of perjury which makes him ineligible for the prestigious post of Auditor General of Pakistan. DR. GHAYUR AYUB, London, July 22.