Interior minister Rehman Malik has said that Dr. Ghulam Nabi Fai is a well respected person in Pakistan and the FBI should make public if it has proof of his being a spy. "Dr Fai, as per my information, is a very well respected person in Pakistan....(he has done) lots of social work. He is in-charge of one of our very renowned hospitals and his reputation is very good." "If the FBI has got any proof of his being a spy, let it be made public," he told PTI on the sidelines of the 4th meeting of SAARC interior/home ministers. The FBI on Tuesday arrested Fai, the director of the Kashmiri American Council (KAC), for illegally lobbying for Pakistan in the US. "...then transacting any amount for social work or NGO purposes is totally different. Now as far as lobbying is concerned, I believe lobbying is legal in United States. Most of the governments have their lobbyists to work for them so I do not know in what context the FBI had acted against the lobbyist. I will be able to give final report only when I will be able to see the report," he added. "Unfortunately there had been some allegations. It would have been prudent to take this action (his arrest) after some court judgement. But it was based on hearsay...based on some telephone intercepts..let me tell you one thing that I have not seen any report till I came out from my country. When I go back, I will obviously have a report on it. "Now the question is that has FBI asked any Congressmen who has been approached for any specific purpose. I will have to see the FBI report...what kind of allegations they made and what were the basis of those allegations. "It is important for us that the FBI should have taken the statement of the Congressmen and then he should not have been declared as lobbyist. So the FBI has to decide between a lobbyist and an agent. It needs to be seen what exactly the FBI got in terms of evidence," he said.