LAHORE - Taking unknown calls of females can be extremely dangerous as kidnapping for ransom gangs are using this modus operandi to lure young boys for huge sums of money. The girls involved in anti-social activities have invented a unique nature of crime as they have kidnapped dozens of so-called lovers for ransom after engaging them on phone calls and assuring them of sincerity. Once an emotionally trapped boy visits the place suggested by her 'girlfriend, a few of her accomplices kidnap the boy and shift him in no-go area. Thereafter, the abductors make phone calls to the family of the abducted boy and demand a handsome amount as ransom. Most of the kidnapped boys have been recovered on self-help basis from the Sindh districts including Dadu, Tharparkar, Badin, Ghotki and other areas. TheNation has exclusively unearthed that over 60 cases of kidnapping for ransom has been occurred across the City during the two and half years. However, according to the official statistics of the City Police only eight cases of aforementioned nature were reported with different police stations whereas the rest of the cases went unreported as the victim families were threatened of dire consequences. According to details, the gang involved in the said dirty business first identifies its target (boy) mostly from Elite or Lower Middle Class and traces his cell number. Later, an anonymous girl makes phone calls on his telephone number late on night and shares her 'loneliness. During the telephonic conversation, the girl who is also a member of the gang realizes the boy that she was longing for a trustworthy companion. The telephonic continuation between the both parties ends on a meeting from where the boy is kidnapped under a pre-planed game of the ransom gang. Crime Investigation Agency (CIA) Chief SP Omer Virk termed it a very crucial situation, saying even boys can talk in girlish voice. Quoting a case, the CIA Chief said a girl member of a gang emotionally blackmailed a boy claiming that her entire family was shot dead and she was the only heir of property worth millions of rupees and now she was searching for an upright life partner. Omer Virk, however, urged the media to cooperate and highlight such issues in general interest of the public. According to the official statistics, in this regard only one case (259/09) under section 365-A of PPC was lodged with Shalimar Police Station in 2009. Police record shows one Ghulam Shabir, a resident of Railway H-No: 58/B near Boharwala Chowk was kidnapped by two accused including a female, who had demanded Rs 2.5 million as ransom. The abducted boy was released from Sindh after the family paid Rs 80, 00000, a gold ring, a mobile phone and a costly wrist watch. However, none of the other families dared to inform police concerned in this regard in 2009. The data, available with TheNation shows about seven cases of aforesaid nature were lodged in 2010. The cases were lodged with different police stations including case no (219/10) in PS Shalimar, 266/10 in Garden Town, 591/10 in Gulberg, 931/10 in Nawankot, 1382/10 in Satukatla, 1450/10 in Nawankot and 1225/10 in Shahdara Town police station. Police believe that only one case was self-assessed so was quashed by the investigators. The cases detail include: 25-year-old abducted boy Asif, a worker of Awais Embroidery in Shalimar, fell prey to five kidnappers, who demanded Rs 20, 0000 as ransom; Muzamil was kidnapped by two accused, Hafiz Muhammad Arif by nine accused who demanded Rs 10 million; Muhammad Hafeez by nine accused who demanded Rs 20 million, Muhammad Azhar by unidentified accused for Rs 10 million while Atif Hussain and Head Constable Ghulam Hussain were trapped by unknown accused who demanded Rs 20, 00000. Out of total eight, about five cases are still being investigated.