OUR STAFF REPORTER MALAKWAL - Gypsies are going to be recognised as eligible voters in the country for the first time as they are counted in the 6th National Population and Housing Census-2011, TheNation has learnt. The makeshift homes of gypsies are counted and they are allotted house numbers and family numbers. No doubt, it is a positive step by the government, but it carries some complications as they keep on moving from one place to another. They bear no national identity card. They are illiterate and unemployed. A mechanism should be evolved in this regard. Moreover, if under such conditions they are counted and given their due right to cast votes it may raise a question on the democracy in the country as most of them do no work to earn. Who can believe in such a respective mandate of a democratic government? Will the government think over it properly? According to reports, some gypsies have already been counted by the teams working under the Benazir Income Support Programme. Reportedly, the government through Election Commission is going to launch a programme to verify the registered voters in the country. It should be made clear by the government whether the gypsies will be registered as voters or not otherwise it will complicate the procedure of the next general elections. A human being has been the seeker of peaceful and idealist way of life. Now, the life of the gypsies has no longer been remain away from worries and despair with the growing civic concerns and wave of ever threatening terrorism in the country. It was need of the hour to bring the huge bulk of unregistered gypsies in the net of national database. As with the much changed spectrum of the life, no one can be left alone as the gypsies enjoyed in the past. They also follow a system of life though seemed to be free from restrains and conditions. They obey social norms set by their clan. They, wholeheartedly, follow the indictments of their respective clan head. Socially, they seem fall apart but no one can interfere in their affairs even.