ISLAMABAD - Leader of the Opposition in Senate Maulana Abdul Ghafoor Haideri has emphasised the need for electoral reforms in order to hold free, fair and transparent elections in 2013. He expressed these views in meeting with a UNDP delegation that is on its visit to Pakistan on Needs Assessment Mission at the request of Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP). The delegation will hold series of meetings with major political parties leaders to have their reflections on electoral reforms needed in Pakistan so as to ensure free, fair and transparent elections. Haideri said Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam-Fazl (JUI-F) was the only political party in Pakistan that held party elections after every three years at every level. We expect the same in the country. The government should strive to hold transparent, free and fair elections to bring true representatives of people in the Parliament, he underlined. He remarked that these elected people through a fair process could deliver according to expectations of common people and would be able to address the challenges facing the country. Holding of transparent, free and fair elections is first step towards continuity and strengthening of democratic process in the country and it determines the right direction for nation and country via election of committed and true representatives of people, he added. The important electoral reforms outlined by Leader of Opposition included the establishment of a totally independent, free, fair and transparent Election Commission, redefining of the limits of constituencies without any influence from feudal and influential, oversight of money spent for elections, computerisation of voters lists, making of CNIC and voters photographs compulsory during polling in order to curb fraudulent and bogus voting and nearby location of polling stations for the registered voters. Haideri encouraged female voters for casting their votes to stop misuse of their votes during polling. He explained the delegation regarding various reasons of women voters for not casting their votes, such as non-registration, lack of awareness about vote casting and location of polling stations in far-flung areas. The UNDP delegation stressed the need for effective role of Imams, family heads, induction of more women in Election Commission, training of women voters and staff in order to increase women turnout and participation in next elections. At the end, the delegation thanked the Leader of the Opposition in the Senate for provision of positive suggestions for electoral reforms for free, fair and transparent elections.