A disabled boy is displaying astonishing ability at cricket - despite having no arms from the elbow down. Spin-bowler Kearan Tongue-Gibbs, 11, grips the ball in the fold of his arm before delivering the ball towards the stumps with surprising accuracy. He was born with no hands or forearms, but has taken to the sport and has been identified as a talented young disabilities player by the England and Wales Cricket Board. Kearan, who uses no artificial aids when batting and bowling, plays alongside able-bodied children at his school and at Astwood Bank Cricket Club in his hometown of Redditch, Worcestershire. His mother Carrie Gibbs, 29, said: 'He is very passionate about it. He is driven and that is all you need in life to succeed. He has just got better and better.' His talent was first spotted when he was playing cricket on a beach holiday in Devon four years ago, aged just seven. According to Ms Gibbs, 'He went away with my mother and brother and played beach cricket, because at the time my brother played for his university. He said, "He has really got something, he has got ability and you need to tweak it."' Kearan then started playing after school and did trials with his local team, who soon recognised his potential. DM