The death toll as a result of violence in the city has reached to twenty as Karachi is still in grip of gory target killing. The law and order situation in Khokhra par, Saood abad, Majeed colony and Sherpao colony is still deteriorating while markets have been closed and the small number of rangers are deployed in the area. The incident of firing is still continuing. On Friday fifteen ill-fated people were gunned down in different localities of the city while more five have been killed on Saturday. Some unknown people gunned down Abid (25) in Baldia. Some unknown miscreants opened indiscriminate firing at mini bus in Esa Nagri killing a passenger. Abdul Rehman was gunned down in Gulshan Momar. Human Rights Commission has formed a commission to review the Karachi situation. The head of the Commission Zuhra Yusuf said that the commission has been formed to stop target killing, which has claimed several lives and badly disturbed the routine life in Karachi. The team, comprising of HRCP council members from all provinces, would meet representatives of the provincial government and political parties, as well as those from other sections of society such as business people, transporters, workers of emergency and health services, NGOs, journalists, etc. Zuhra Yusuf further said that the Commission members would resume public hearing at Karachi press club on 31 July.