ISLAMABAD - The National Assemblys Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs has not held a single meeting to discuss the US May 2 Abbottabad operation, says a report on Friday. A comparative analysis of the performance of parliamentary committees on foreign affairs compiled by Pakistan Institute of Legislative Development and Transparency (PILDAT) states, while Pakistan continued to face challenges ranging from ever-complex Pak-US relations to Pak-India relations in the aftermath of Mumbai attacks, the national assembly standing committee only met for 17 times during the last three years, 59 per cent of the times (10 out of 17) only to meet visiting delegates. While the committee did convene on June 6, 2011, after a gap of nearly 6 months in the all-important period in which both Raymond Davis issue and May 2 raids took place among others, the meeting was held just to meet with the British ambassador to Afghanistan. According to the Citizens Report released on Friday, in comparison with the national assemblys standing committee on foreign affairs which met only 17 times from 2008-2011, corresponding committees in Indian and UK Parliaments held 52 and 82 meetings in the period respectively. In the light of the report, this newspaper brings forth the following observations: The 'efficient NA foreign affairs standing committee did not table a single report in 3 years. The chairman of the NA foreign affairs committee Asfandyar Wali chaired only seven out of 17 meetings with 41 per cent attendance. More than half of the members did not attend committee meetings with average attendance of members at 38 per cent. The seriousness of the top and mighty parliamentarians towards national issues could be well evaluated from the very fact that Maulana Fazl-ur-Rehman and Hamza Shahbaz Sharif attended only one meeting of the NA foreign affairs standing committee in the last three years. Interestingly, however, the report finds MNA Fouzia Habib as the 'most regular member in the committee meetings who attended 15 of the total 17 meetings. The average percentage attendance of the members of PPP was counted at 55 per cent, followed by PML-N with an average percentage of 36 per cent and PML-Q with 18 per cent, according to the Citizens Report. The PILDAT report showers unending praises on the performance of senate standing committee on foreign affairs, Kashmir affairs and Gilgit-Baltistan, under the chairmanship of its former head Mushahid Hussain Sayed and says, It must be noted that the Senate Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, under the chairmanship of Senator Mushahid, had set new traditions of parliamentary influence and oversight of foreign policy by holding regular meetings, 33 in 4 years, and documenting and making publicly-available 24 reports of the committee during 2004-2008. However, such an 'efficient committee, under its incumbent chairman Salim Saifullah Khan, published only three reports during 2010-2011 'alone and corresponding committees in Indian and UK Parliament presented 12 and 32 reports respectively. Formed in April 2008, the National Assembly Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs held only two meetings during 2008-2009, seven meetings during 2009-2010 and eight meetings till date during 2010-11. Corresponding committees in the Indian and UK parliaments, held 52 meetings and 82 meetings during the same period respectively, according to the report.