LAHORE-The 28th session of Punjab Assembly convened on Oppositions requisition only lasted for one-day, but it cost the exchequer over Rs 12 million in terms of daily allowance for Assembly members and its staff which is also given additional payment during the period it remains in session. Interestingly, the session was prorogued the same day without even touching the actual agenda. Though the Assembly took up question hour pertaining to Education Department and Speaker also allowed members to speak on point of orders on different issues during Fridays sitting, the actual agenda discussion on law and order situation-for which the session had been actually convened, could be not be taken up due to lack of seriousness on part of the legislators. The Speaker adjourned the session sine die after quorum was pointed out by a Treasury member, Asghar Manda, and the Opposition failed to gather required number of members to keep the House quorum. Since the session had been called by the Speaker on requisition of the Opp, it was its responsibility to maintain quorum. According to the Assembly Rules of Procedure, 1997, a member is entitled to get Rs 2,650 as daily allowance besides fuel allowance which is calculated at Rs 5 per km by counting the distance between members constituency and the Assembly building, and the resultant figure is multiplied by two.