Government of Pakistan has formally raised the issue of arrest of Dr Ghulam Nabi Fai, executive director of the US-based NGO Kashmir American Council, and negative propaganda against Pakistan in this regard with the US State Department. Fai was arrested in Virginia earlier this week for allegedly funnelling at least four million dollars from Pakistan's intelligence agency ISI into American political activities with the aim of influencing American policy on the Kashmir issue. According to diplomatic sources, the authorities of Pakistan embassy in US have themselves raised the issue with the state department and have apprised the state dept of Pakistans concern in this regard. Sources told the Pakistani authorities conveyed to the state dept concern of Pakistan govt regarding negative propaganda of Pakistan and Dr Nabi Fai. They asked the US to realise the sensitivity of the issue and take measures accordingly. They asked the US to stop negative propaganda against Pakistan with respect to Dr Fai. Fai and Zaheer Ahmad, 63, a US citizen and resident of Pakistan, face five years in prison if found guilty to the charges they are facing.