The birth of a baby is always a happy occasion but when Mason Parker came into the world - there was cause for a triple celebration. The newborn beat odds of 48 million to one to be born on Tuesday July 19th, which is also his mother Jacquie Parker's 29th birthday, and his father Paul's 32nd birthday. The couple, from Long Island, USA, revealed it was a race against the clock to deliver the healthy 8lb 4oz boy, as the minutes counted down to midnight. The Parkers had been excited when Jacquie went into labour at 3am on Tuesday morning, a day before the due date of July 20th. However, by the afternoon the contractions had stopped, and the couple believed they'd missed making it a triple celebration. But finally, 20 hours after the labour began, Jacquie's contractions started again, and she gave birth naturally at 11.30pm at North Shore Long Island Jewish Medical Center. 'As midnight kept getting closer, we started to lose hope,' said Paul. 'It was barely July 19th, but it was a wonderful end to the day." Jacquie said: 'I never thought it would actually happen. 'Being in labour isn't the way you'd choose to spend your birthday, but it was definitely worth it.' The couple, who had been planning to have a quiet restaurant meal for their joint birthdays, say they now have a much better reason to celebrate. And they are already planning a special party next year to mark Jacquie's 30th, and her son's first birthday. 'I'll be planning the big bash for both birthdays,' said Paul, 'I don't mind getting just a cupcake.' MO