The PIA management has recently given rise in salaries of its serving employees that is a good step whereas the retired PIA employees who are already drawing a very meager amount as pension were also expecting the similar favour as ever-increasing inflation has already made their lives miserable having left no other source of income. Needless to mention here, these were pensioners who with their untiring efforts and professional skills during their services made PIA as one of the best airlines of the world in the past. Now pensioners are in dilapidated conditions and looking towards PIA management to make suitable increase in their meager amount of pension enabling them to combat with high inflation and spend their lives smoothly. PIA pensioners at the same time are also senior citizens and throughout the world, they are being looked after properly and are given better treatment so we expect the same in this country also. Will the Managing Director, PIA take personal interest to resolve this matter amicably? MOHAMMAD KHAN SIAL, Karachi, July 20.