OUR STAFF REPORTER MIRPUR (AJK) - The electricity loadshedding for last two days in the hot and humid temperature has added to the woes of people in Mirpur. In almost all parts of the city and rural areas people continued to suffer due to worst power cuts. The increasing power shutdowns and low voltage have generated a lot of resentment among the masses and people of various localities including traders and students have warned to take to streets in case the problem was not solved immediately. They accused the State Electricity Department for its total dismal performance saying the Mirpurites have been witnessing this problem over last three decade and the AJK Government never bothered to solve it permanently. The Department is not replacing the old transformers as they are not capable to bear the load nor the old wires lying for years together have been replaced resulting into leakages besides the years-long unscheduled load-shedding, they alleged. People from every nook and corner of the city were contacting the office to find the reasons for the worst power cuts. Not to talk of general power supply lines but the offices and building having special power supply lines too had to face the increasing cuts for last many days. The people said that they could not get any suitable reply from the officials at receiving stations when they tried to ascertain the cause of increasing unscheduled power cuts in the city and its outskirts in the wake of the ongoing nation-wide load shedding of electricity. Though people of entire Mirpur region have suffered due to long duration of power curtailments, it added to the miseries of old and infirm more. People in various localities said that they could not sleep during last night due to long power cuts without any schedule. The observance of unscheduled load shedding of power is being observed time and again after about each hour since last 48 hours in each and every part of the city. The people in various localities have already warned to come to streets if the problem continues to be so.