LAHORE (APP) - Pakistan Railways Administration is unable to control the continuous delay in the train operations even after the release of Rs2 billion by the finance ministry. Divisional Superintendent Lahore Javaid Anwar Boobak told that the amount of Rs2 billion was not sufficient for the department and this amount would be utilised in salaries, pensions and bills of gas and electricity. He said that there was no shortage of fuel but shortage of locomotives and their parts was the major cause of the delay in operations. He said the PR staff was well skilled and energetic but what to do if there were not enough locomotives to run the trains. The DS said the PR workers were facing difficulties due to non-availability of parts and required equipments, adding that they were bound to operate railway because of those reasons. He expressed his determination that the PR staff and its administration would do its best to minimize the problems and pain of the passengers. He said the PR did not have overlapping locomotives and coaches so trains were re-operated when they arrive at their destinations. According to 117 (Railway Inquiry) here Friday, 23-Up Quetta Express was about three hours late, 15 Up Karachi express five hours, 9-Up Allama Iqbal Express eleven hours, 1-Up Khyber Mail Express five hours while 115-Up express four hours, 13-Up Awam Express eleven hours while 37-Up train was about six hours late. Karakarum Express and Karachi Express are important trains of the Pakistan Railways but unfortunately, both of these trains were expected to leave Lahore five hours late for Karachi.