KARACHI (APP) - Like the first day, it was a shocking third day for big guns including Top Seed Shahid Aftab, Second Seed Imran Shehzad and Fourth Seed Sultan Muhammad in the third NBP National Ranking Snooker Championship at Amir Bakhsh Billiards Hall of Karachi Club here on Friday. It was a nightmarish day for national champion Shahid Aftab from Punjab, who suffered his third successive defeat at the hands of Abdul Sattar as he was sent packing. Giant-killer Abdul Sattar, who had caused many upsets in the past, was in a smart touch as he bulldozed Pakistan's top cueman Shahid Aftab in four straight frames to sail into pre- quarterfinal stage. Faisalabad-based Shahid Aftab, who rose to fame by winning the national crown earlier this year recently returned from Bangkok after taking part in World Team Snooker Championship, struggled throughout the first three days of the competition before making his unceremonious exit. Earlier, talented Qasim Kamani of Sindh overpowered Shahid Aftab after an exciting 7-frame encounter 68-33, 64-57, 63-56, 44-75, 50-64, 0-82, 68-31.