Iran spends 17.7% of its budget on education and 1.8% on Defence as compared to that of Americans who spend 17.1% on education and 4.7% on defence. On the contrary, our spending on education is merely 1.42% with defence spending touching 17.88%. Despite our giving highest priority to defence, Americans are hitting our territory through the drones almost every other day thus making fun of whatever sovereignty we are left with. Not to forget, we are also a nuclear power. Ever wondered why are Americans afraid of hitting Iran, a non-nuclear state with minimum allocation for defence? Or more importantly, what is bothering the Americans most about Iran? It's Iran's 17.7% allocation for education which is pinching the Americans for they know for sure that it's not the conventional or nuclear weapons which are a threat to their survival as world's only super powerbut it is the spending on education which will eventually bring the Iranian nation in competition with USA. When will we learn from the Iranian model for else we are destined to be doomed. DR. IRFAN ZAFAR, Islamabad, July 22.