As reported in the Nation on July 19, the US embassy in Pakistan has embarked on an ambitious plan to install a tracking system that will keep a watch on aeroplanes, vehicles and even American officials while they are operating outside the embassy compound, will be able to ascertain their exact location at any time with an accuracy of ten feet and provide them help, if needed. I suppose it had become all the more essential for the Americans to have such a facility after the 'unfortunate mishap of the arrest of CIA contractor, saboteur and murderer Raymond Davis, to free whom Barack Obama had to jump in and tell lies, claiming he was a diplomat. While all this is going on, we are busy preparing to defend the country against external threats for which purpose, we have a fair nuclear arsenal and have just entered into an agreement with our trusted friends the Chinese to obtain six advanced nuclear-capable submarines. Of course, we do need all these as a deterrent but it is more than likely that we may never have to actually use the nuclear arsenal because that will bring about mutual destruction. However, it is surprising that we are not moving fast enough, assuming that we are moving at all, to counter the internal threats faced by the country, that are increasing by the day. Now that President Barack Obama and his thuggish commanders, have shifted the focus from Afghanistan to Pakistan, and have already started overt and covert action in real earnest in addition to media assault on Pakistan in which the major military and civilian leaders, and US lawmakers are playing their dirty role, we seem to be completely unaware of the gravity of the situation and are going about as if it is business as usual. In addition to all the accusations hurled at Pakistan already, the US Department of Justice has just accused Pakistan military and intelligence agency (ISI) of funneling up to $ 4 million over the last two decades, in illegal campaign donation and other payments so as to secure an anti-India tilt in the US Kashmir policy. The US authorities have already arrested Syed Ghulam Nabi Fai of the Kashmir American Council and have also charged Zaheer Ahmad, an American citizen resident in Pakistan, with the offence. The Abbottabad and Mehran base incidents, serious law and order situation in Karachi and elsewhere in the country, volatile situation on our borders and in tribal areas, all point to the fact that we need to take the matters extremely seriously instead of squabbling among ourselves. A starting point could be acceptance of the fact that the Americans and their allies are anything but our friends. In addition to raising the level of vigilance, we could also seek assistance from our Chinese and Iranian brothers who would be more than willing to oblige. In any case, we cannot afford to let the situation drift, just hoping that the things will work out all right in the end. S.R.H. HASHMI, Karachi, July 21.