ISLAMABAD -Pakistan has refused permission to the United States for opening consulate in Quetta, sources told The Nation here Friday. An approval was earlier accorded by Islamabad in 2010 but fast changing circumstances had made Pakistan realise that this can create numerous problems for Pakistan as well as the US. Though a formal approval for the US diplomatic mission in Quetta was accorded early this year, but Balochistan government was yet to take a decision on the site for this purpose. Security agencies have advised against the construction of the US mission, contending that its presence in Quetta may worsen the already poor law and order situation caused by the armed Baloch insurgency. Pakistan Army has also objected to the presence of US personnel in Balochistan and has already terminated CIAs drone operations from the sand strip of Shamsi in Kharan. The United States had proposed that consulate in Quetta will help oversee the development activities carried out by Americans in Balochistan. It will also ensure a close liaison between the Baloch people and the US since visa facility at the consulate would save lot of time being wasted in going to Karachi and Islamabad, the US had stated.