ISLAMABAD (PR) - Individualland Pakistan with the partnership of Aurat Publication and Information Service Foundation under USAID-supported Gender Equity Programme (GEP) in collaboration with The Asia Foundation is holding the first series of workshops from July 25-27 on sensitisation of media on gender equity in nine districts of Pakistan. Media personnel will participate in the sessions. The objectives of the initiative are to sensitise the electronic and print media about the issue of womens empowerment and use it as a medium for advocacy. The US government launched a five-year gender equity programme in Pakistan to advance womens human rights and support the Pakistani governments policies against gender inequities. The programme has been launched with the support of The Asia Foundation and Aurat Publication and Information Service Foundation. The grants under this project are aimed at eliminating gender-based violence, easier access to justice and human rights for women and womens empowerment. Gulmina Bilal Ahmad and Tauseeq Haider will hold the event while gender experts Dr Rakhshanda Parveen and Ms Rehana Shaikh will act as resource persons on behalf of Individualland Pakistan.