The residents of Gharbi Bagh, Azad Kashmir, are fortunate enough to see work on Kohala Dhirkot Road restarted after it remained suspended for quite some time.

Originally, the construction work began during the tenure of Sardar Atiq Ahmed, the then Prime Minister of AJK, as back as in 2006. He wanted to have an express way in his constituency. Yes, he wanted to win the support of the people. The people were suffering due to bad condition of the road. After repeated requests and protests in the area, the present government of Ch. Abdul Majid of PPP has taken up the work on the road again. The decision is welcomed. The protests that many staged asking for the work to restart were not directed against anyone; rather, they were demanding their basic rights. Now, it is hoped that there would be more breaks and the road would be completed as soon as possible.


Azad Kashmir, July 19.