The people of Pakistan elected this government in overwhelming majority with the dream of seeing a developed Pakistan where every class could afford to at least buy bare necessities of life. But the election over and the prices of all sorts of goods and services, including food items, went up dramatically. According to a largely participated survey of many districts, the prices across the board have risen to unconscionable height, making it simply unaffordable even for the middle class to buy. Out of 52 commodities and services the prices of 23 items went up, of 18 dropped while no changes was registered in the case of 11 commodities. Mostly the prices of vegetables rose to a new high, with tomatoes going up 31 percent and onions 29 percent. Similarly, beef and mutton rates also experienced a rise in prices. For medicines and medical services, an increase of 3 percent each was witnessed. Medical tests, including blood tests, became more expensive. The question is how can a common man with a family to support survive under the circumstances?


Lahore, July 19.