There certainly is substance in Senior Hurriyat leader Syed Ali Geelani’s grouse that the present setup is just a copycat of the PPP government which did not pursue the cause of the beleaguered Kashmiris. Although, the present lot of rulers are up against teething troubles ranging from energy crisis to terrorism, why Mr Geelani has reproached them is because of their misguided and rather noticeable intent to warm up to India, without any thought given to Kashmir at all.

To jog our memory a bit, it was not for nothing that Quaid-i-Azam thought of the Valley as Pakistan’s jugular vein and also it would be absurd to disregard the reality that we are having relentless friction with India most of it over the dispute which is silhouetted against clouds of a nuclear confrontation. Neither the Kashmiris nor the ordinary Pakistanis who have always stood with their brethren are ever going to let it go at that. If anything, the ongoing parleys without first seeking and submitting to the will of the resilient people are going to have a severe blowback; it could also sag the credibility of Parliament. The government seems to be of the view that the approach of ‘concessions first and Kashmir last’, might yield the dividend which seems just the opposite of what history and common sense exhorts. It is a pity that the Track Two diplomatic channels recently active in Thailand also fell short of keeping the core issue up above the rest; the use of ‘new ideas’ are surely welcome but of what use they are if they miss the most obvious and most burning issue bedevilling the ties.

All those in the assemblies, the Prime Minister who additionally holds the foreign minister’s portfolio would be seen as reneging on our longstanding commitment to uphold moral, political and diplomatic support with the kind of compromising posturing. And this tendency to lose sight of our mission is being evinced when the Indians have not gone beyond parroting Kashmir is non-negotiable.