The trip of William Hague to Pakistan was, indeed, welcome but when he tweeted that "Lahore is Pakistan's Paris", I couldn't help laughing!

The recent Singapore Haze was a blow to our global environmental, but British Foreign Secretary Hague seemed to be blindfolded to the realities and pains of the Lahorites, if not the whole Pakistan. Shahbaz Sharif seems to have shown him the red metro buses and said "Look we have this in Lahore!" Maybe, he would have treated him with the Anarkali dahi barey or taken him to bahria town! Did he show him the pain of one hour in and one hour out – power crisis? Did he show him the hospitals where children are suffering the measles? Did he show him the "quality assurance" reports on the drinking water of Lahore? I think, he went to Lahore Gymkhana for "golf play" before he used his cell phone to sign in Twitter!

Indeed, Paris has a provision of 24 hours of electricity to its citizens, but what Lahore gets in its share of electricity per hour per day - we can say Mr William was in "haze" when he tweeted!


Lahore, July 19.