This is in reference to an advertisement that appeared in some newspapers on July 20, 2014 by the Government of Sindh. It is not clear as to why the ‘ad’ threatened citizens if they failed to pay the motor vehicle tax? The ‘ad’ should have been edited by a semi-educated or at least a cultured person, before it was published. It is neither appropriate nor ethical to have your personal photograph included in an official advertisement that was paid for by the tax payers’ money. In a civilized country you would have been made to reimburse the amount to the state exchequer.

Now on to some serious questions, in your entire fleet of, a few authorized and many unauthorized official vehicles, not one have paid its motor vehicle tax for many years in the past. Besides not paying taxes, some four to eight thousand Sindh Government vehicles are not even registered with the Excise & Taxation Department. It is ill behavior for you to demand motor vehicle tax from citizens, when your entire government fleet is itself felonious.

Lastly, you may wish to spend some time in improving the archaic and bureaucratic motor vehicle tax payment system. One needs to make a number of visits before one can find any person present and the computer system working at the payment office. My request would be to close down all payment offices and enable every citizen to make tax payments on-line or using an SMS based mobile phone money transfer system. You could reduce our misery by allowing tax payments to be made for up to five years at a time instead of just one.


Karachi, July 21.