LAHORE - Chairman APTMA Punjab S M Tanveer has urged the government to ensure uninterrupted energy supply to the Punjab-based textile industry after Ramadan.

He said the Punjab-based textile industry has fully cooperated with the government in its strive to provide maximum energy supply to domestic consumers during Ramadan.  Now the time has come that the government should provide uninterrupted energy supply to the  Pumjab-based textile industry, already operating on partial shifts, he added.

S M Tanveer said the textile industry is designed on 24/7 operations throughout 365 days a year. But it was exposed to both electricity and gas supply shortages during Ramadan for the sake of domestic consumers, he said. The APTMA Punjab Chairman urged the Minister for Petroleum & Natural Resources Shahid Khaqan Abbasi and Minister for Water & Power Kh Muhammad Asif to provide gas and electricity to the industry so as to remove the mismatch of industrial production.  Also, he said, the Ministry of Water & Power is also urged to exempt 58 textile mills, the prime users of electricity, from load shedding, as maximum demand of these textile units is not more than 150MW. He said only an uninterrupted energy supply to the Punjab-based textile indusrry will help industry to.operate and enable it to procure current cotton crop if the farmers, produce exportable peoduction, keep employment intact and restore image of the Punjab-based textile industry as a reliable supplier of export orders from around the world.