The Bahawalpur commissioner vowed to eliminate corruption from the government departments at all costs and said that it could never be tolerated in any way.

He pledged to focus developmental projects during his tenure as divisional commissioner. “Special steps are being taken to make Bahawalpur a beautiful and model city. Reasons for failure of Water Supply Pipeline projects is being determined and necessary steps are also being taken to reinstate the project,” he said. Bahawalpur can be made the centre of tourism for which step will be taken soon, he added.

“Quaid i Azam Solar Power Project after completion would play important role in the prosperity and development of the region. Groundwork for the Quaid-e-Azam Solar Park is complete. Besides China, US companies are also becoming part of the project,” Capt (r) Javed Akbar said talking to this scribe.

He said that Solar Park is a step forward towards the prosperity and development of Bahawalpur. He further said that the project would complete within the stipulated period.

He said that the condition of Bahawalpur Zoo would be improved. He added that during his posting as secretary forest, the department had signed an agreement with Sri Lankan government under which the Sri lankan governmnet would give two elephants to Pakistan. “We will try to get at least one for Bahawalpur Zoo which will soon arrive at Bahawalpur Zoo.

He said that to transform National Park Laal Sohanra into an international level park, an independent authority was being established. He said, “We will make Bahawalpur a model city. Bahawalpur’s Farid Gate, Khatam-e-Nubuwwat Chowk and Saraiki Chowk will be renovated. The parks which already exist in Bahawalpur will also be rehabilitated.” He said that all the related departments will be made active and no negligence will be tolerated in this matter. Bahawalpur is the city of poets and saints, and culture of the area is different from other culture.