KARACHI - The construction sector is uniquely placed to support economic growth and social change. Capital spent through the sector brings direct and tangible multiple returns to Pakistan as well as, our ability to employ and train a wide cross-section of the workforce is un-matched, said Haris Ali Mithani, Chairman (SR) ABAD during Iftar party.

He further said that “By using existing local arrangements, current projects in the pipeline can be mobilised very quickly. We applaud the Prime Minister’s action on such projects and we stand ready to support the Government’s economic recovery plans including vision for the low cost housing facility for the poor. We also urge local decision makers to look at the potential of construction activity to kick start economic growth”.

While giving details of Abad International Expo 2014, he explained “The exhibition will provide Pakistan’s builders, real estate developers and construction material industries a unique platform to exhibit before business buyers as well as the end users.

Abad International Expo provides excellent option for investments and insights into the real estate market trends in Pakistan. The event brings together developers, real estate brokers, private and institutional investors from Pakistan, Middle East, and Asia Pacific region, to open up new doors of investment opportunities.” He informed media that “Abad International Expo will be hosting a 2 day seminar to educate delegates, guests and visitors by some of the industry leaders and experts in their field”.