KARACHI - Port city has been caught by the Eid shopping fever as the biggest religious festival of Muslim draws nearer. Shopping malls and traditional markets are bustling with shoppers from all walks of life. Families are spending their time dealing with the merchants and visiting shops to get preferred items of readymade garments, bangles and others, while artificial jewelry sections is also creating its place in the markets. Besides this, a wide range of curtains and decorative cushions are also available to decorate homes for Eid.

To highlight this mood of festivity, all of the major shopping areas of the city were seen decorated with beautiful lights.

Major shopping centers and markets, which are witnessed to be heavily crowded, include main Tariq Road shopping centre, Gulf Shoping Area, Pak Tower, Jamia Cloth Market, Saddar’s Bohri Bazaar, Zamzama market, Shon Circle, Boultan Market, Jubilee Cinema, Hoti Market, North Nazimabad’s Haidery market, Karimabad’s Meena Bazaar, Bazaar-e-Faisal, FB Area’s Anarkali market, Malir’s Liaquat Market, Landhi’s Babar Market, Korangi K-Area market, Orangi’s Nishan-i-Haider Chowk and New Karachi market.

On the other hand, the shop owners are also doing their bit to ensure high sales by luring the shoppers through attractive packages and colourful displays.

Javaid Basher, a shopper in Bohry Bazaar Sadar Karachi, said: “Eid comes only twice a year, so I don’t compromise on shopping and celebrate the festival with zeal."

Talking to The Nation, a buyer, Faisal Ahmed, said he was visiting the market in spare time and always preferred to shop on Chand Raat because it’s fun to bargain with shopkeepers.

However, not everyone seemed to be much excited. A number of the customers complained of high prices, which kept them away from the markets.

“Every year the prices keep skyrocketing and it becomes challenging for us to shop for Eid,” said Shahid Khan who was with his family at Tariq Road.

“Until a few years back, I would purchase stuff for my entire family and would still have money for more shopping. But with the prices nowadays, it is just impossible,” he added.

Nazish Qureshi, a shopper, said that the shopkeepers considered Eid as once-a-year opportunity to gain maximum cash from the customers, making the shopping a tougher task. “Shopkeepers have raised prices but many have displayed ‘on Sale’ signs to hoodwink customers,” she added.

Meanwhile, the pre-Eid rush in shopping zone has caused traffic jams in the city’s market places and intersections, particularly in front of the shopping centers and malls have become a routine.

Whereas, the police have claimed to make foolproof security arrangements for the security of the people in various shopping centers, markets and public places.

Lady cops have also been deployed in various shopping malls and other busy markets of the city.

According to security plan, cops in pain clothes have also been deployed and close circuit cameras have been installed to keep eye on any suspicious movement.

In addition, traffic police is directed to work on the formulated traffic plan to avoid traffic jams and others problems during the rush hours.

Complain camps of the city administration and law enforces have been established to register complaints of the visitors, while at some shopping areas, shopkeeper associations have set up similar camps for the benefit of the people.